Unfortunately, we don’t mean Elevators Ltd here, though one day you never know! What we’re actually referring to are elevators making their appearance in block buster films and for many of them, they have created some of the most memorable scenes. And as for lift maintenance, these are definitely elevators that we would like to work on, well most of them anyway; some might make us feel a little on edge!

Now, if we’re going to talk to you about famous elevators from films then it’s only right that we start with the classic Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. To quote Willy Wonka’s line that makes this lift iconic, “Sideways and slantways and long-ways and back-ways and square-ways and any other ways that you can think of”, this pretty much says it all! We are a little curious about the mechanics behind this one and we’re sure lift maintenance would be interesting to say the least!

On the other scale of lifts, this one isn’t quite one that we’d like to hop into, in fact we’d rather take the stairs! We’re sure you’re fully aware of the famous horror movie The Shining and do you remember the scene where the lift was filled with blood? Really wasn’t pleasant and going back to what we said before about wanting to pass on doing any lift maintenance on a lift; well it’s this one! For obvious reasons, we thought we’d play it safe with this photo, but it still looks really creepy!

And finally, we started on a fun a note so we will end it on a fun one; Elf! You must remember when Elf pressed every lift button in the elevator because the lights looked pretty right? I don’t think we would have acted as calmly as the other chap in the lift though! It can be temperamental to some having to stop at every floor!

Don’t worry folks, we’ll be back with more memorable elevator scenes in our next blog and we’ll let you know which ones we would love to do lift maintenance on and the ones we’d rather pass on!