We’ve all got emergency numbers saved on our phones, whether it’s for the plumber, electrician or even Crimestoppers; they’re all handy numbers to have for emergencies and adding Elevators Ltd to your list won’t take up too much space on your phone will it? Emergency callouts will be needed from time to time, but fortunately, with our regular lift maintenance checks that we do, emergency callouts will be kept to a minimum.

Imagine the worst case scenario, what would happen if the lift suddenly broke down and it was after your lift maintenance company’s working hours? Would you call the emergency call out services i.e. 999? Or would you just stay and wait in there in the hope that it was just a little hitch and that it will be in working order within a few minutes? Or would press the emergency button in the lift?

That was the worst case scenario! Now for the best case scenario – well for some people anyway, mainly the women out there! We imagine that the ladies out there would be wishing for an attractive hunk to climb out of the lift’s ceiling to sort the situation out, just like the original Diet Coke advert. Or it coule be love at first sight with our engineers; every cloud and all that! But sadly, back to reality, just press the emergency callout button in the lift and our engineers will appear. There will be a friendly voice on the other end of the line that will not only keep you calm, but updated too.

Elevators Ltd offer a 24 hour, 7 days a week emergency callout service, so you there’s no need to worry or panic, you’re our number one priority. Our lift engineers will carry out lift maintenance after getting the passengers out safely to identify the problem.