Imagine if there was a rabbit warren almost of elevator cars, all travelling on a loop in a building, taking you sideways as well as up and down. The system would incorporate rotating parts, meaning that you could be where you needed to be a lot quicker than if you were to walk across floors or platforms. This incredible and unique system is the brainchild of Thyssenkrupp Elevators UK, and will mean that eventually places like the London Underground network will be able to expand vast amounts without increasing the footprint. Stations and platforms will be able to overlap, and there will no issues getting to them with steep stairs cases or long winding corridors thanks to the sideways movement of the elevator system. No ropes, no cables… It seems rather space age, no?

In fact, this kind of technology is closer to us than you may think. Despite the elevator system being originally designed for huge skyscrapers, it can be adapted to the underground. It’s perfect and is absolutely the way forward to ease congestion and the ever expanding inner city hustle and bustle. Globally, the population is growing and isn’t showing signs of slowing down so tech needs to be one step ahead, which is exactly what is happening with Thyssenkrupp and their innovation when it comes to elevator design and manufacture. Passenger lifts need to be fast, smooth, efficient and thanks to the forward thinking and creativity at the forefront of this revolutionary elevator design, there’s no doubt that that specification has well and truly been met. passenger lifts