Being trapped inside a tall building in the event of a fire can be a scary concept and the fear that follows may cause us to make decisions that put our lives in danger, such as deciding to take the elevator in order to beat the crowds that will be rushing for the stairs. As many people may know, this is a very bad decision and regardless of the crowds you should always take the stairs in the event of a fire. In this blog, we’re going to over why this is so important…

The most important reason to avoid an elevator during a fire is the connection that is has with the power supply of the cab. During a fire the integrity of an elevator is put at risk which means that it is possible for it to stop working, break or even fall therefore anyone inside the cab is put in extreme danger should this happen. Plus assisting people trapped inside an elevator cab during a fire is one of the most difficult places for firefighters to reach.

Aside from being trapped inside the cab during a fire, there are also other ways that this method of escape is considered dangerous. After all, a fire takes place because something has been caught alight in another part of the building. When these gases are combined with the room temperature it can create flames that may increase the temperature of this initial gas, meaning that the place where the fire started becomes filled with a gaseous fuel that is very high in temperature.

Abiding by the laws of physics this fuel is less dense than the air, rising very quickly which is why we are always advised to crawl during a fire to avoid breathing in this gas and why the shaft of an elevator acts as a kind of chimney since it allows the gas to expand within the extra space. Using an elevator during a fire therefore means that you put yourself at risk of breathing in the gas as well as being trapped.

A fire can be a dangerous life-threatening event however when you follow the safety rules that are put in place it helps the fire department keep as many people safe as possible. After all, getting trapped inside an elevator during a fire means that many lives are put in danger. For more information about the safety rules and regulations regarding elevators, speak to a member of the team today. As the best lift company around, we will answer any questions or queries you may have to best of our abilities!