We can imagine that this is a scenario that many employees would hope to wake up to one morning and for those working in a Philadelphia city building, this is exactly what happened.

One Parkway building in Philadelphia witnessed a flood that has caused the elevators in the building to stop working, which means around 1,000 workers will be off work. The engineers will no doubt be working hard to ensure that any lift maintenance and lift repair work has been effectively and successfully completed. In cases like this, a new lift installation is sometimes required depending on how much damage has been caused from the water.

Elevators Ltd have had to deal with similar situations, but fortunately for anyone working in the building – or unfortunately in their case, they haven’t needed to have the day off. It can be a serious matter when a flooding effects the elevators, as the mechanical system is affected and of course the electrics. Our engineers will always handle situations like this with great care and ensure that all safety procedures are in place, for the public, the passengers and themselves.

This is the approach that we have in all of our lift services, whether it’s lift maintenance and lift repair, lift installation or lift modernisation. Our engineers are cautious and highly experienced in what they do and know; so please don’t try and look for an alternative if the elevator in your building is out of order.

For all your lift maintenance and lift repair, and lift installation needs, please contact Elevators Ltd today.