The topic of elevator related vandalism is not one that is often discussed. After all, people very rarely target lifts in such situations. With this said it doesn’t means that the damage isn’t taking place and here at Elevators Ltd we think that it is our duty to help our readers in every way we possibly can. Here is everything you need to know about elevator vandalism…

What is considered vandalism?

In situations that concern an elevator, the word vandalism can have different connotations. For example when it is to do with a property, vandalism is often seen as intentional damage or markings through spray paint. With lifts however vandalism ranges from trash that has not been removed to people misusing the elevator and causing it to fail electronically.

How to Avoid It

Unfortunately it is hard to control what people do inside a lift however there are ways to avoid a company pressing charges. For example, if vandals have caused any damage to an elevator you should have it fixed as soon as possible to ensure that the people continuing to use it are kept safe. In addition to this, try to enforce strict regulations about littering and troublemakers so that people know that this behaviour inside an elevator will not be tolerated.


The most common type of vandalism inside elevators has to be minor damage that occurs as a result of thugs. For example, these people will smash the mirrors inside, leaving the sharp remains on the ground, try to switch around the buttons to in order to delay peoples journeys and even pull a part the interior of the elevator. In order to prevent this or catch the vandals in the act, elevator CCTV is often a wise solution.

Here at Elevators Ltd we think that is it our responsibility to tell people about the reality of elevator related vandalism. Of course, this kind of damage tends to take place in publicly used lifts and putting the correct security in place can be a great deterrent. If your elevator has been damaged through vandalism, get in contact with the best lift maintenance company round today!