An elevator is a viciously misunderstood piece of machinery and unfortunately, years of false information being passed from person to person has led to the introduction of a range of myths within the industry. Like any other industry, it’s not a surprise to discover that there is incorrect information floating around and the team here at Elevators Ltd have decided to bust these myths once again. Here are a few more elevator related myths and their corrections so that you can be sure you have the correct knowledge…

Myth: The hall doors to an elevator can open even if there is no car there.

An elevator is designed with safety in mind and the doors which separate us from the shaft of an elevator are put in place in order to guarantee this. By programming the controls so that the car itself controls the opening of the hall doors, there is no way that an elevator can open to an empty shaft and cause someone to fall. If there is no car to trigger the doors, they will not open.

Myth: Pushing the door close button will speed up the closing process.

This is a myth often believed by young people however it is actually a trick of the mind, as even though people think pushing the close door button repeatedly will make the doors close faster, it doesn’t really do anything. Your brain just makes you think that it do. Once the button has been pressed, the doors will close at the speed they have been programmed to. Pressing it again will do nothing to counteract this. Likewise, pressing the button outside an elevator will not cause it to travel to your floor any faster.

Sometimes people will hear a piece of information and spread the knowledge without ensuring that their facts are correct, leading to these myths we have to bust. The best thing to do when you are unsure about a certain piece of knowledge is consult the experts! Here at Elevator Ltd, we are the best lift maintenance company around so get in contact today to find out more information!