It may still be November, however the team here at Elevators Ltd love to be prepared which is why we have been looking into some of the top elevator related prediction for next year. After all, trends are always changing, and the customer’s preferences will always be fluttering. Here are some of the top ideas…


According to the internet, the world’s fastest elevator currently resides in Shanghai and travels more than 3,000 feet in just one minute! Of course, we could make the technology travel faster, however this is the maximum that can be reached before rapid depressurisation makes people feel unwell. It is expected, however, that 2018 will welcome the development of pressurised cabs that have a similar structure to airplanes so that the lifts are able to travel much faster!


Just like Willy Wonka’s Great Glass Elevator it seems like the lift experts have been working on a type of elevator that can travel in any direction! The idea behind this research relies on magnetic levitation shafts and a traffic light system in order to create an efficient service.


Another idea that has been getting quite a lot of attention recently is the idea of docking elevators. Currently people who find themselves trapped inside a lift have to wait for the rescue team to arrive however this envisioned system suggests that elevators may be able to dock with one another like a shuttle in space in order to rescue people in emergencies.

When it comes to elevators everybody wants them to improve in some way shape or form. After all, it is unlikely that people expected the elevators of the 19th century to follow the same system today. As technology advances it gives our lifts the perfect opportunity to do the same! To find out more information, contact the best lift company around today!