You can find almost anything on the internet. From cats playing the piano to a man getting emotional over a phenomenal double rainbow- it’s safe to say that videos on the web seem to have no limit. YouTubers will try almost anything to get their video to go viral or to persuade more viewers to subscribe to their channel, and it just so happens that some have already been dipping their toe in the world of elevators.

That’s right- in case you haven’t seen them, elevator prank videos are all over the internet and are proving to be incredibly popular. These videos involve everything from Star Wars characters jumping out to some wrestlers fighting, and all of them are racking up a huge number of views.

But what makes them funny and why are they so popular? Well, we ‘re here at Elevators Ltd to run you through the phenomenon that is elevator pranking.

  • They’re Unexpected

The first thing that makes elevator pranking popular is the fact that it’s just so unexpected. Most of us pay little attention to the fact that we get into an elevator on a daily basis, and so the shock value of being pranked is absolutely priceless. Imagine just being on the way up to the office and finding a man being served dinner in the middle of the elevator. This shock factor leads to hilarious reactions from those being tricked, and this is what really makes these videos so popular.

  • There’s No Escape

As previously mentioned, it’s the reaction of the general public that makes the videos funny, and these reactions are exacerbated by the fact that they literally have no way of escaping. If you’re being pranked in the middle of an elevator journey- then there’s nowhere you can run or even hide. These videos are proving so popular because viewers realise that there’s literally nothing the victims can do other than let the prank unfold. Of course, this will do nothing to ease the anxiety of those already nervous in lifts.

  • Lots of Variety

If you look through the countless number of elevator prank videos currently on the internet, you’ll surely be surprised by the incredible variety on display. From elevator discos to turning a lift into a bedroom, the people behind these pranks really know how to come up with something new- which is surprising, as you’d think there’s only so much you can do with an elevator! This means that viewers don’t know what to expect once those lift doors open, and ultimately keeps them coming back for more.

While we may not specialise, or even condone, elevator pranks here at Elevators Ltd, we do provide a wide range of passenger and platform lifts, as well as a whole host of maintenance services! If you require any further information, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch!