When it comes to elevator maintenance, it is always best to ensure that you know exactly what you are receiving. After all, taking care of the mechanics of your elevator is incredibly important when it comes to both safety and performance and the team here at Elevators Ltd want to ensure that our clients are as happy as possible which is why we have decided to go over some of the biggest FAQ’s of elevator maintenance…

How often should maintenance be carried out?

Most of the time high quality lift maintenance is carried out on a monthly basis in order to ensure that everything is in a safe working order and that no faults have developed. After all, if you leave it too long between servicing then you may have a minor problem occur that won’t be discovered for a while, causing it to become a major problem.

Is elevator modernisation essential?

Upgrading your elevator equipment is a personal preference, however it is important to note that outdated part can hinder the overall performance of the elevator. In addition to this, as the technology develops it may become harder and harder to find individual components for your elevator when a minor repair needs carrying out.

What is preventative maintenance?

Taking out preventative elevator maintenance means that you are trying to avoid the worst. After all, this type of maintenance implements routine inspections, oil lubrication and minor adjustments in order to prolong the life of the components, reduce the need for major repairs, improve the safety of the machinery and avoid unnecessary breakdowns

The best outcome after an elevator servicing is being told that everything is in safe working order. After all, lift maintenance is in place in order to spot any faults so that they can be dealt with promptly however you never want an engineer to come back with a list of problem. Here at Elevators Ltd, we are the experts when it comes to all things maintenance related and we are more that equipped to deal with any and all of your questions! Get in contact today to find out more information!