We don’t like to brag about lifts breaking down (not ours of course), but as shocking as it sounds, some lift companies fail to understand that the number one priority is the safety of the passengers.

We read a story last week, which shocked us and it wasn’t just because the lift failed to work. A lift at the Milford Housing Authority has been experiencing a constant lift failure for a while and although the lift engineers have been out to rectify the problem, it hasn’t yet been resolved. With this being an on-going issue, it unfortunately resulted in elderly residents being trapped in the lift.

Being stuck in a broken-down lift isn’t good at the best of times, but this issue is more serious for the elderly. The staff at Milford Housing have noticed that the lift has failed to go up or down and despite numerous callouts, it seems to be reoccurring. Now at Elevators Ltd, when we get reports of a lift that is constantly shouting out for lift repair work and is breaking down on a regular basis, our expert team of lift engineers in London will work around the clock to identify the problem and complete whatever lift repair work is needed.

If you’re witnessing something similar in your building and you don’t feel that the lift company behind it is acting responsible, or the problem keeps occurring, then get in touch with Elevators Ltd. We have an expert and highly qualified team of lift engineers who will work hard in ensuring that any lift services work is completed in a professional manner. Call us today on 020 3432 9579 or send us an email to info@elevatorsltd.co.uk.