There are so many uncertified elevator crimes out there and unfortunately, we’ve all become victims of it at some point. You have the chap on the phone who can’t wait just a couple of minutes to answer a phone call and talks ridiculously loud about nothing important. Can you believe that there has actually been a survey on ones lift etiquette? CareerBuilder asked 3,800 workers what they found most annoying about the behaviour of others in lift in their office building. Here are the results:

  • 35% said talking loudly on their phones was the worst of the worst.
  • 33% people who press the door close button when someone is rushing to get on.
  • 16% admitted to shutting the lift doors on purpose when they saw other people rushing to get in.

We’re a little shocked that people take the lift for just one level, aren’t on the most annoying lift habits and the lift stopping at every floor.  In all fairness, we all secretly press the lift door close button when we someone coming towards the lift, so there’s no point trying to deny it! It’s good until someone does it to you!

Lucky for you, you can rely on Elevators Ltd not to act in such a convict way. We have a team of professionals working for us, so you know you’ll be receiving a lift service that is beyond satisfactory. With a range of lift services to choose from such as, lift maintenance, installation and modernisation, you’ll be sure to have an elevator in working order; unfortunately, we can’t prevent these lift behaviours from occurring, but we can do our best to stop the lift from breaking down whilst you’re in it, trapped with someone else!