If you have a building that contains elevators, or if you run an elevator business, the usefulness of your investment isn’t limited to simply transporting passengers and/or goods between floors.

Although its primary function, there are still other ways in which you can make use of an elevator system, and one such way can also help you recuperate costs of running your elevator. So, what magical advice could we possibly give you so that your elevator could actually make you money? It may sound too good to be true, but it isn’t. The answer is advertising.

Most elevators will see hundreds of people pass through their doors each week. In some busier buildings, they may see hundreds of faces each and every day. The unique thing about an elevator, is that once inside, we are completely enclosed, becoming captive audiences to our surroundings with very little to distract our attention.

In fact, an elevator is the exact place that people will be actively searching for distraction, in whatever form. When travelling in an elevator, people like something to take their mind off the fact that a lot of empty space resides just below their feet on the way to the ground floor. With advertising in place within an elevator cab, riders have the perfect distraction and at the same time, can discover new products and services. They may even have a relaxing backdrop of music to accompany their perusal.

Elevator advertising works better the more people that use the lift. Elevators in busy shopping centres will always have advertising on the walls. Their are advertising companies out there that will split the arrangement between an elevator owner so that they will take care of sourcing advertising so that you can spend time on your own company whilst receiving profits from the advertising campaigns that take place within your elevators.

This income can even help property owners afford better quality lift maintenance and upgrades.