Here at Elevators Ltd we believe that approaching new developments within our industry is how we can pave the way for the future. After all, the elevator itself is actually based on the nature of physics and since we learn new things within the world of science every day who knows what the next 50 years of elevator advancement could result in. Recently the famous Albert Einstein himself made the news and in this blog we are going to go over why…

Who was Einstein?

Born in 1879, Albert Einstein was a German-born theoretical physicist and was famous for developing the theory of relativity and the mass-energy equation (E = mc²). In fact, Einstein’s name and work continues to live on in the classroom as children and scientists from all over the world learn and study his scientific genius; so much so that his theories are often proven decades after he first proposed them.

The Experiment

Einstein was known to use ‘thought experiments’ in order to propose his theories and he would quite literally think them through in his mind. In fact, one of these ‘thought experiments’ included an elevator and he hypothesized that a person stuck inside an elevator cab that is isolated from the outside world would not be able to tell whether a free-falling object was being pulled down via gravity or pulled up by the elevator quickly accelerating. In fact, he suggested that the objects inside would simply accelerate at the same rate.

The Results

Whilst Einstein’s scientific theory can be confusing, he recently made the news because physicists from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have been able to prove it correct using various different remote atomic clocks. In order to do this, they imagined the Earth as a freefalling elevator travelling through the suns gravitational field. Their aim was to prove Einstein’s theory that everything inside the elevator would feel the same acceleration even though their relative properties would not be affected.

By comparing the ‘ticks’ of the clocks from around the world and looking at almost 15 years’ worth of collated data, the scientists noticed that they were off from one another by a positive 0.00000022 or a negative 0.00000025. Since the numbers were very close to zero, it means that the hydrogen and caesium clocks therefore remained in synchronicity as they moved through the ‘free-falling elevator’ of earth, the results showing that Einstein’s ‘thought experiment’ was in fact true!

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