As a leading lift company here in the UK, we think it’s important that we strive to reduce our carbon footprint and our energy consumption. Climate change is real and poses a threat to the future of our planet, which is why we have to find ways to reduce the amount of energy we use. Small changes at home such as switching plugs off at the mains, turning off lights in rooms we’re not in and keeping the heating below 20 degrees Celsius are all small efforts we can make which add up to a lot.

Here at Elevators Ltd, we have a range of environmentally friendly lifts that are available to install, as well as ECO solutions that can be added to any existing lifts.

The great thing about energy saving lifts, is that by installing them in your building, not only are you making a positive step to reduce harm to the planet, you’re also saving yourself money. Companies all over the world are always looking for ways to reduce their expenditure and improve profit margins. Saving money on your maintenance bills is a great way to keep costs down and switching to eco-friendly lifts is a really simple way to achieve this.

Lifts use a lot of energy so they cost a lot to run, however by installing environmentally friendly lifts, you can drastically reduce your energy consumption and in turn, your running costs. Plus, you’re doing wonders for the environment.

If you’re just looking to upgrade your lift, you can add amazing ECO features that can be incorporated into the existing installation. These features include a Standby Mode, which comes into operation when the lift isn’t being used, VVVF Control, Regenerative Overlay and Energy Efficient Lighting.

With an eco-friendly lift installation, your lift will run as efficient as possible. Contact Elevators Ltd, the UK’s leading lift company, to find out more about how you can reduce your carbon footprint.