Here at Elevators Ltd, we’re a lift company in Oxford who always stay mindful of the environment, and as such we always make sure we take every step we can to be as green as possible! Our Eco-System is a technologically advanced and environmentally friendly solution that we employ as a top lift company in Oxford, making use of cutting-edge techniques and products to create lift systems that help keep them running cleanly and energy efficiently.

One of the key features of our eco-friendly lifts is the ability to utilise standby mode, whereby a lift’s control system will operate in sleep mode when not in use. The car lighting, ventilation and indicators will shut down accordingly, until woken up again when the next passenger calls the lift. Energy efficient lighting is also another hallmark of our lift company in Oxford, especially inside of our eco-friendly lift systems. We make use of the latest LED technology, which on top of providing an excellent reliability and low power usage also comes with the ability to shut off either by request or automatically when the lift is idle.

Excitingly, we’ve made sure that absolutely no energy goes to waste if it doesn’t have to. Our eco-friendly lifts will generate power back into the grid on certain travel cycles, meaning you’ll be able to harness that energy and utilise it to power anything else inside of your property! Add to that the ability to control the speed and voltage of your lifts, and it should be easy to see why we have our reputation for being a top lift company in Oxford!

Our environmentally friendly lifts are just one reason that so many trust us to be their first choice, however! We’re also a lift company in Oxford that’s one-hundred percent dedicated to providing the very best lift services possible, no matter what kind of lift you might require, so make sure you get in contact for lift maintenance in Oxford, installation, modernisation and more!