How do you fancy parking your car right outside your apartment and we don’t mean outside in a car park, we mean outside your apartment in your apartment block. It does sound pretty cool and with car lift installations, it can be done and it is currently in the process of being done. Of course this would only happen in the delightful city that is Miami and then, only for billionaires.

Porsche Design has constructed the Miami Tower to include car lifts so the millionaire residents can drive right into their apartment block and park outside their home. There will be three car lifts installed into the 60 storey building that will transport the vehicles up to the sky garages. As well as this, there will be two to four visible garages that can be seen through the glass walls inside the apartments. It gets better. Residents will also get their car washed and maintained by the kind concierge, whilst they enjoy the ocean view, plunge pools and their outdoor kitchens on the spacious balconies. There’s more. This Miami apartment will also have a spa, a cinema, a games room and a seafront ballroom. So far, 22 billionaires have snapped up a property in this sky tower.

Are you dreaming of this apartment right now? We certainly are. Elevators Ltd can also design and construct a lift installation into your building. We have a team of experts working with us who have a wealth of knowledge and experience in this area. Contact us today on 020 3432 9579 for more information about our services.