Do you commute to work? If so, do you dread it? The horrid traffic jams, leaving you staring at the back end of the car in front for what can feel like hours, or waiting for the train or bus to arrive on time – which is a rare thing during rush hour. And not to forget being squashed up against someone’s face with their coffee breath smothering you on public transport for a long enough time to make you want to walk to work. So imagine experiencing that daily commute to work, to then be greeted with a long elevator travel? Fortunately, the majority of the world’s lift companies use the latest technology on their lifts to guarantee speed and reliability. Well as a leading lift company Sussex, we can only speak for ourselves.

The largest elevator in the world currently stands at 1,450 feet high, and it has been predicted that Mumbai’s World One Tower will cover 200 miles per year in elevator travel. And if that wasn’t astonishing enough, the elevator at 432 Park Avenue is 1,397 feet high and can make two round trips a day, which results in 356 elevator miles per year, or two trips to Hamptons and back. As we mentioned earlier, the majority of lifts today will have state of the art technology incorporated in it and can have a high speed of 2,000 feet a minute. So at least you wouldn’t have to worry too much about the commute in the lift, the only issue would be if the lift was broken down and you were left to walk. Just as well there is an experienced lift company Sussex on the books to prevent situations like this.

Here at our lift company Sussex, we use only the best technology and equipment on our lifts and have a team of fully qualified engineers on hand who have the expertise to cover all lift services including lift maintenance, lift installation and lift repair to name a few.