Have you heard of a double decker elevator? It’s probably how you’re imagining it to look like; two elevator shafts stacked on top of each other. Pretty cool, ey? They are popular elevators and we’ve done plenty of double decker lift installations in our time.

The world’s tallest building, the Kingdom Tower of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia is to have the fastest double decker lift installed known to mankind. Now the speed of a double decker elevator in comparison to the everyday, single lift shafts is different. The lift will travel 12.5 meters per second. However, to claim the title for the “World’s fastest double decker elevator”, the project much be complete and unfortunately, this won’t be until 2018. So there is still time for someone to swoop on in and take the crown.

Maybe this is a challenge for Elevators Ltd? We’re always up for new and exciting lift installation challenges, and to ensure that the finished project is mind blowing. We have a team of fully qualified professionals who work within the design and construction side, as well as the engineers who do all the technical stuff like the lift installation.

If you want to have one of the world’s fastest and coolest elevators, then get in touch with Elevators Ltd today. We’ll set up a meeting that best suits you and discuss our range of services including lift installation and lift maintenance.