It is ironic that someone would get stuck in a lift in a hospital, on their way to an appointment. But as ironic as it sounds, this actually did happen to an elderly couple in Dundee.

Although you can’t predict when a lift will stop working, lift maintenance in hospitals is crucial and should be made a priority with patients and visitors, as they are coming in by the second. Being trapped in a confined space can unfortunately cause problems for some passengers, as they become claustrophobic and they begin to panic. Sadly, this happened to the Dundee couple and 70 year old Andrew Hunter began to have a panic attack.

The lift engineers were called out and arrived to free the passengers in 45 minutes, due to only one engineer working in that area. With Elevators Ltd, we aim to get our engineers who are the closest to the lift emergency out as soon as possible, but this is also why it is important to us to follow up lift maintenance work on a regular basis to help prevent situations like this from occurring.

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