It is hard to avoid having to travel in lifts these days and although most people are okay with using them, the thought of being stuck in one is a whole different kettle of fish. However, with regular lift maintenance, being stuck in a lift becomes less likely.

I myself have been in the unfortunate position of being stuck in a lift. Although I was only trapped in the lift for little over an hour, it is an experience I shall never forget. I was stuck along with two other people, which I found made the ordeal a little less worrisome, however it was the waiting to get out, which made myself and other two passengers a little restless. It turned out that our lift had become stuck between two floors, not allowing us to escape safely by ourselves. Lifts by design are ‘safe rooms’ and should the lift become jammed between two floors, the safest place to stay is in the lift itself.

Eventually we were rescued and the ordeal was over. Such instances of getting stuck in lift can however be avoided by ensuring that your lifts undergo regular lift maintenance. Hiring a reliable lift maintenance company such as ourselves, is key to ensuring the safe and smooth running of your lifts.

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