If like us, you’re huge Fawlty Towers fans then you’ll appreciate this blog. As you know, Manuel wasn’t the brightest spark, in fact, we’re not even sure how he got the job working for Basil Fawlty in the first place, but he did bring us a few good laughs over the years. Manuel was a clumsy fool and he was the guy who walked into a room and had no idea why, and sent poor old Basil Fawlty insane! So you can imagine the chaos caused if Manuel had to add using service lifts for hotels into the mix? It would be certain that Mr Fawlty would put his very own dumb waiter Manuel into the service lift for all eternity!

Now, one of Elevator Lift’s lift installation services includes installing and maintaining service lifts for hotels – can you see the link now with Fawlty Towers? Service lifts for hotels and restaurants main aim is to quickly transport meals from the kitchen to the main dining area – assuming either the kitchen or dining area are on separate floors. It can be dangerous carrying hot plates from one floor to the other without tripping, falling or making any spillages. And we certainly don’t think Manuel would be able to cope with this. You’ll be eating the food off the floor with a knife and fork!

Service lifts for hotels and restaurants are growing in popularity, especially for hotels, and Elevators Ltd are proud to present to you this lift installation.

Don’t be a dumb waiter and call Elevators Ltd for more information about our service lifts for hotels and restaurants today, or contact us for more information about any of our other lift installation services.