With the rate of crime increasing every year in some areas, the need for security cameras has risen too. After all, they are the only foul proof way to deter lawbreakers or catch them in the act. Here at Elevators Ltd we understand that the average lift isn’t exactly as dangerous as a dark alleyway however it is important to recognise that the enclosed space does allow crime to take place without any fall-back. In order to address every angle, we are going to go over how elevator CCTV could be effective…


There is something great about the implementation of a security camera as it encourages the majority of criminals to become a regular member of society. After all, these are people that don’t want to be caught on camera committing their crime of choice and since elevators are the perfect location for robbery or assault, a CCTV camera can be a brilliant at deterring this kind of behaviour.


Getting into an elevator one-on-one with a stranger usually makes people feel awkward rather than scared. With this said, for some people it can be rather intimidating too. After all, elevator cabs are small, contained spaces and without any security camera, it is not uncommon to feel rather unsafe. Simply installing a security camera however can increase safety and help passengers feel more relaxed.


Whilst the likeliness of an elevator accident is incredibly slim, CCTV cameras could actually be beneficial in such dire circumstances. After all, it is difficult, if not impossible, to see inside the cab during a malfunction so if emergency services were able to tap into the live feed of a security camera, they would be able to offer assistance without giving advice blindly.

Here at Elevators Ltd we believe that safety is something that should be approached in a variety of ways, especially when it comes to lifts. After all, it is one thing being certain that the elevator is safe to use mechanically but well-maintained machinery components can’t help you when a criminal tries to take your bag in an unsecured elevator cab. To find out more about elevator CCTV, get in contact with the best lift company around today!