Here at Elevators Ltd, we are aware that the word ‘safe’ is rather generic and can have many different meanings depending on the way that a certain statement is supposed to be conveyed. As you may expect, this can cause some dismay amongst elevator users worldwide. In this blog, we’ve decided to define what exactly we mean when we tell you that an elevator is safe…

It is ‘safe’ to use

Perhaps the most recognised definition is how smoothly and risk free the elevator operates. After all, a safe and trustworthy piece of machinery must be able to carry out its function without any problems. A safe elevators hits all of the health and safety laws that must be adhered to and is 100% reliable.

It is a ‘safe’ investment

On the other hand, the word safe can refer to the cost of purchasing an elevator. After all, it is a costly sum to have one installed so knowing that your investment is a wise one and will not lead to negative repercussions in the future is something that will give many buyers peace of mind.  A safe investment in regards to an elevator is something that helps to protect the buyer’s interests whilst also providing them with a fully functioning and long lasting piece of modern machinery.

It has ‘safely’ passed maintenance specs

All elevators should undergo a range of different maintenance tests on a regular basis in order to be deemed safe. After all, you can consider a lift safe at the start of its life when it has just been built however after years of wear and tear, a dangerous incident could occur without these regular check-ups spotting them. When an elevator is deemed safe by the manufacturers, you are automatically given responsibility of that wellbeing and should get professionals inspect it regularly to confirm it still adheres to the maintenance specs required. In short, a safe elevator should pass inspections with flying colours.

Here at Elevators Ltd, we prioritise safety when it comes to the models of elevators we provide. After all, when you put your life in the hands of technology you will want to know that you are in the safest hands possible. If you are having a problem with your elevator, contact the best lift engineer around today for more information!