Here at Elevators Ltd, we believe in the importance of lift maintenance to ensure the safety and reliability in a building’s lift. Without the proper maintenance, a lift can develop a number of issues that prevent it from being fully functional or even cause a safety hazard, and we’re going to run through the most common problems and how to avoid them.

Power failure

Nobody enjoys a power cut, let’s be honest. They always seem to strike when you’re in the middle of a Netflix binge, or when you’ve just typed up a ten-page Word document and haven’t quite clicked “Save” yet. But when it comes to lifts, a power failure can cause all kinds of serious trouble.

Think about it, you wouldn’t want to risk being trapped in a cramped lift for hours, would you? Well, lifts require a huge deal of power from your building’s utility system, and any lift with a history of motor failures must undergo a quality check. It’s also important to note that the older the lift, the more of your energy bill is going to be eaten up.

Long wait times

There’s nothing worse than being in a massive rush to get upstairs to the office, only for the lift to decide to go at snail’s pace. If your lift is taking too long to make its way between floors, then this tends to be a sign of the age and overall use of the machine. Don’t ignore these safety warning signs, otherwise you may be running the risk of breakdown as replacing the mechanical relay system may be essential.


This is the number one cause of lift breakdown, and certainly highlights the need for regular lift maintenance. Whether you own a passenger or a platform lift, if your drive or control system becomes overheated then you are running a serious risk of breakdown. It could be down to the temperature of the building, overusing the lift or extreme climate but, whatever the cause, overheating is a serious issue.

Contact us today at Elevators Ltd to learn more about our lift maintenance and lift installation services, to ensure that that you can try to avoid the above problems. Our team will be more than happy to discuss your options and give you any information you need. You can also find out more about the types of lifts we deal with by looking at our website or speaking to the team.