Here at Elevators Ltd, we pride ourselves on the satisfaction and guarantee we are able to give our customers. After all, nothing feels better than being told that your brand new product is in full working order. Despite this, elevators may suffer from functionality problems which is why we want to shed some light on the most common issues that tend to occur. Read on to find out more information…

Worn Sheaves

A sheave is a pulley that has grooves placed around the outer circumference. If they are worn or showing signs of general wear and tear, extra strain is placed on the ropes that are used to support the elevator cab which wears down the sheaves even further. Due to this, a repetitive cycle is caused that is usually spotted through regular servicing. The solution to this issue includes having the sheaves regrooved or completely replaced.

Power Failure

A single elevator requires a lot of power from a commercial utility system which means that updates to the voltage can affect the way the motor operates or even damage the whole system. If you know that an elevator has a history of power failures, it is vital that it undergoes systematic power quality surveys to determine what is going wrong. This can be done using infrared thermography in order to measure sharp changes in temperature and  spot troublesome areas before they become a full system failure.

Noisy Bearings

In mechanics a bearing is an element that constrains the motion of a piece of machinery so that the friction is reduced between the parts that move. Often a grease is applied to an elevator bearing in order to reduce the noise that occurs however if the bearings are noisy, it is often attributed to the vibrations of the motor. Whilst is can be helpful to have frequency drives installed, they tend to cause further damage and can actually increase these vibrations and lead to wear and tear. A better solution to noisy bearing is an inductive absorber which absorbs the vibration currents and protects from breakdowns.

One important aspect of elevator care is ensuring that it is regularly serviced by professionals that check how smoothly it is operating in order for any of these problems to be discovered before they become dangerous or result in a costly pay-out. For more information, speak to the best lift maintenance company around today and find out whether your elevator could be in need of some TLC!