Getting an elevator installed inside your home is a brilliant investment that will pay off over many years however it is important that they are afford to same treatment as any other room. After all, they need to be cleaned regularly too! Here at Elevators Ltd, we want to ensure that every client of ours is satisfied with their purchase and since an unkept elevator can be problematic we have put together a brief guide on the correct way to keep yours clean…

  • Elevators are often made from some high-quality materials, so it is important that you use the right products when you clean them. For example, harsh chemical cleaning agents can be devasting on metal finishes as they could remove the shine and leave your elevator looking old and weathered. In fact, a metal finish is susceptible to things like oxidation (rust) if the location is overly humid, so you must account for this during cleaning.


  • Usually a regular polish will suffice in order to remove dust and prevent an accumulation from building up. Since a home elevator is used on a regular basis, it is important that you keep on top of dusting in or to account for the frequency of use and ensure the environment is safe and hygienic. With this said, it is vital that you don’t use any kind of soapy water solution near electronics as this can cause them to malfunction and be incredibly dangerous.

There is nothing worse than a messy elevator. After all, why invest thousands of pounds into state of the art machinery if you aren’t going to keep it in tip top condition? Here at Elevators Ltd we believe that lift maintenance and regular cleaning are an important part of elevator responsibilities! To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the team today!