The world is filled with speedy elevators that can reach 100 floors in less than a minute, but these are all lifts that have been carefully and professionally installed and are well maintained. However, one lift in Chile shot up 31 floors in just 15 seconds due to a malfunction. Sadly, there was a passenger inside who was seriously injured. This is just one of the reasons why lift maintenance is vital.

The elevator crashed into the Bustamante Community Park’s roof in Providencia, after the malfunction took place immediately after the passenger stepped in and before the doors closed. The passenger pressed as many buttons as possible to grab the attention of the elevator, but unfortunately, it was too late. The building was built just eight months ago, so there will definitely be some questions asked to both the construction team and the lift company.

Lift malfunctions can’t be predicted, but they can be prevented with regular lift maintenance, which is something that your lift company should strongly recommend to all of their customers. Elevators Ltd advise all of our customers about the importance of lift maintenance and they have no quarrels about allowing our engineers to come down and give the lift a once over. Call it an MOT. It’s by law that your car has a yearly MOT to prevent accidents from happening and this works the same for elevators.

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