As adults we are able to assess a situation and understand immediately when something is considered dangerous however many children experiment with the world first hand, often getting themselves into some worrying situation. Take elevators for example. Using one is considered much safer than using a motor vehicle however injuries can take place when the machinery is being used incorrectly. Of course, the people most likely to do this are children. In this blog we’re going to go over some of the most important factors to watch out for when your child is using an elevator…

  1. Never Ride During a Fire or Other Emergency

Just like adults children should be taught that elevators are a no-go during emergency situations like fires. This is because the power can be easily shut off and anyone using one at this point will be trapped inside.

  1. Never Block an Elevator Door

An elevator door is timed to close and roughly 1,900 toddlers and young children are minorly injured each year due to blocked this process. Children imitate what we do and if they see an adult block the doors from closing (which works a lot of the time because the doors are able to sense adults easier compared to children) they may attempt it themselves, getting hurt in the process.

  1. Always Watch Your Step

The gap between the platform and the elevator cab may not seem like a big feat for adult but for small children it can be like trying to jump between two roof tops. Most of the time the doors open flush to the platform however in older models there may be a gap so you should always hold the hand of a young child, especially when the gap is large or else an injury could take place.

It is vital that we allow complex machinery like elevators to operate without human intervention such as some of those listed above. When children block the doors or press all of the buttons in one go it can cause a malfunction mid journey, trapping people inside and nobody wants that to happen! The best thing you can do is reinforce the important of proper behaviour inside a lift. For more information about elevator safety, get in contact with the best lift company around today!