Let’s face it, without elevators the modern society we are so dependent on would crumble. In fact, elevators have done a lot to change the way that the world operates, especially when it comes to urban city environments. After all, high rise buildings would be impossible without these contraptions. Read on to find out how the elevator industry is changing the world one lift at a time…

Up, up and away!

As we touched upon before, elevators were once a piece of technology that didn’t exist, making us very reliable on stairs. When we started building upwards however it was obvious that all those stairs were going to be a problem and the very first elevator was introduced to make it easier. With this it also brought a complete class change. Before elevators, the top floors required climbing dozens of flights of stairs to reach the flats situated there. Due to this the richer and higher class citizens often opted for ground floor properties however the introduction of lifts meant that these higher floors were now an attractive quality since they offered better views and less noise pollution.


Another attractive factor of the elevator is the way that it has revolutionised the world for those who are wheelchair bound. After all, climbing the stairs in completely out of the question for the disabled members of the population. By having lifts in our society were are able to ensure that everyone feels included whilst also allowing the disabled the opportunity to operate within society independently.

The elevators that we know today are completely different from the elevators that were in operation over 160 years ago! In fact, back then rope and pulley systems were operated via slave labour and the technology we blindly rely on today wasn’t even a thought. Thankfully we can now rest assured that we have such modern adaptions to make our lives easier. To find out more information, get in contact with the best lift company around and speak to a member of the Elevators Ltd team!