The Benefits of Machine Room Less Hydraulic Lifts

The design of a building involves
a variety of different components in order to ensure that the finished product
ticks every single box. After all, it is important that buildings are modern, eco-friendly,
high rising and spacious whilst also providing passengers with an efficient and
high-quality way of travelling between the different floors. As a result,
elevators have become […]

Features That Modernise an Elevator

The elevator as we know it today
has been a staple piece of technology found in society for almost 200 years and
this means that cabs can become outdated very quickly. After all, maintenance
ensures that the mechanical parts remain in tip top condition and are safe for
use whereas modernisation focuses on the aesthetics instead. Here at […]

The Outdoor Elevators of Lloyds in London

It is safe to say that there are
a variety of weird and wonderful elevator designs located in a range of
different locations around the world, such as the AquaDom in Germany which has
a giant aquarium surrounding a fully functioning glass elevator. With this
said, the Lloyds building in London is the one of the most famous […]

3 Reasons Why Handrails are in Elevators

Here at Elevators Ltd, we
manufacturer all of our cab with safety in mind and put them through a rigorous
testing phase in order to ensure that the mechanics are fit for use. With this
said, many people tend to forget about the importance of internal features like
handrails and how they can make or break the entire […]

The Characteristics of Eco-Friendly Lifts

It is no secret that energy usage
has hit an all-time high in recent years as more and more people are opting for
mechanical alternatives like automation. In fact, even elevators require a
significant amount of energy in order to operate and that is why we like to
emphasise the benefits that environmentally friendly lift can offer at […]

Things to Consider Before Hiring an Elevator Engineer

Taking care of an elevator is a
full-time responsibly for property owners. After all, the mechanical components
have to be in tip top condition and the elevator itself has to be deemed safe
for use. With this said, choosing a maintenance company can be a difficult
decision. Luckily, we’ve put together a few important things to take into
consideration […]

What To Do If You Get Stuck in a Lift

It is safe to say that getting
stuck in an elevator is nobody’s idea of fun. After all, it can be incredibly
panic inducing if you don’t know what to do. Luckily, the Elevators Ltd team
are on hand to help ensure that every member of the public understands what to
do, and how to react, if they […]

Why Elevators Are Important in Hospitals

In modern society, elevators can be
found in a variety of different places, from apartment blocks to residential
properties and public shopping centres to hospitals. Here at Elevators Ltd, we
know how much of an important role the elevator plays in medicine, especially
when there is a medical emergency taking place. Read on as we go over a […]

Where Can You Find Elevators?

The elevator is an easily adaptable
piece of machinery, which means that they can be found in a variety of
different locations. After all, modern society relies on the presence of
elevators in order to get around. Here at Elevators Ltd, we believe that the
elevator is a marvellous piece of technology that has revolutionised the way
people are […]

Reasons to Get a Machine Roomless Elevator

The Machine Roomless elevator has become one of the most revolutionary innovations within the elevator industry and is the perfect addition to all low to mid rise buildings. Like the name suggests, MRL elevators are a type of elevator system that does not come with a machine room and thanks to the reduction of […]

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