Lift Maintenance

24/7 Emergencies Lift engineer Call Outs – reasons you may need an emergency elevator engineer

An elevator should be maintained and inspected regularly to ensure that all the mechanics are at their best however, occasionally you might find your have an emergency situation with your lift. Wear and tear can at any time develop emergency situations. Luckily, our first rate emergency call-out service is on hand to fly to the rescue [...]

What Determines the Speed of an Elevator?

There are a lot of complicated components at play inside of an elevator and that is why engineers are such experts in their field. After all, a person must be able to understand how something works in order to fix it! In fact, we often take the way that a lift moves for granted because [...]

What is an Elevator Engineer?

An elevator requires a lot of upkeep from a licenced expert in order to ensure that they remain safe for use and manage to outlast their longevity guarantee. After all, man-made contraptions such as these cannot regulate their own maintenance needs and an elevator engineer is the professional in charge of such requirements. Read on [...]

The Signs of an Un-Maintained Elevator

Here at Elevators Ltd, we strive to provide our customers with the quality that they deserve and that is why all of our elevators are fully inspected prior to and following an installation. With this said, the longevity of this investment is fully dependant on the care it receives throughout its lifespan. In fact, a [...]

3 Signs an Elevator is Overdue a Service

As a piece of man-made technology, it is essential that an elevator is inspected by a licenced professional on a regular basis in order to ensure that it is safe for use. After all, a small problem can quickly develop into a serious issue that may end up putting the lives of passengers at risk. [...]

How to Choose a Reliable Lift Maintenance Company

The secret to lift longevity is the implementation of routine and high-quality maintenance from a reputable and reliable contractor. After all, an elevator is a man-made piece of machinery which means that it cannot regulate its own maintenance needs and must be tended to by an experienced engineer. Here at Elevators Ltd, our engineers are [...]

How Do Elevator Doors Work?

Here at Elevators Ltd, we have begun to notice that a vast majority of the educational blogs about our industry on the internet tend to focus on the internal components of a lift, such as the motor and the counterweight. With this said, passengers would not be able to use an elevator without a fully-functioning [...]

3 Facts You Never Knew About Elevators

Although modern elevators as we know and use them today are the direct result of almost two centuries worth of design and development, humans have been using basic models since the beginning of recorded history. After all, the Romans would transport heavy items between the different floors of buildings using slave labour and a primitive [...]

How to Maintain a Dumbwaiter

As one of the most beneficial investments a business in the service industry will make, a fully functioning dumbwaiter is an important feature found in restaurants, cafes and hotels. After all, they prevent cross-contamination during the transportation of food and can make it much easier for housekeeping staff to transport laundry. With this said, it [...]

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