The Importance of Elevator Load Testing

Since elevators are mechanical
pieces of equipment, they require routine testing and servicing from a licenced
engineer in order to ensure that they are in tip top condition all year round.
After all, a problem can develop with subtlety which means that the property
owners may not realise that an elevator is damaged until the problem has
developed in […]

3 Signs an Elevator Cab Needs to be Repaired

With the right care and maintenance, an elevator can provide
several decades worth of service. After all, these man-made contraptions are
designed with reliability and longevity in mind in order to ensure that
property owners receive the best value for money on their investment. With this
said, mechanical installations cannot regulate their own maintenance which
means that an engineer […]

The Lowdown on Pope Francis’ Elevator Turmoil

Even a well-maintained elevator is subject to general wear
and tear, however, the likelihood of being trapped inside a broken-down cab is
very slim. After all, the components that make up an elevator and assist with
its smooth-running are designed with longevity in mind, even when the basic
care requirements are barely being met. With this said, the […]

The Consequences of a Lack of Elevator Maintenance

The elevator is made up of a variety of different components
that work in harmony with one another by relying on both physics and mechanics.
As a result, they must be meticulously maintained by an experienced and
high-quality engineer in order to ensure that each part is in tip top condition
and safe for use. After all, it […]

Reasons to Invest in Elevator Maintenance

The elevator is a man-made piece of mechanical technology and
this means that maintenance is a fundamental necessity in order to ensure that
they remain in tip-top condition. After all, once a problem develops within an
elevator, it isn’t going to go away without the expertise of an experienced
engineer. With this said, some clients have to be […]

3 Advantages of the Elevator

Although the elevator as we know it today is still a
relatively modern invention, we have been using the concept ever since Roman
Britain was in power. With this said, it wasn’t until the 1850’s when Elisha
Otis’ elevator brake really paved the way for developments within the industry
and ensured that the lift was completely safe for […]

3 Elevator Noises That Should Be Investigated

The average elevator is relatively easy to maintain. After
all, most problems are found early and can be repaired quickly as long as the
cab is provided with routine inspections and servicing. With this said, it is
important that property owners are able to tell when their elevator could use
an unscheduled inspection by a licenced engineer as […]

How to Prevent an Elevator Breakdown

Although we are more likely to win the lottery than find
ourselves free falling in an elevator, there are still a lot of people who
avoid lifts like the plague for that very reason. After all, there is nothing
quite like the fear of stepping into the unknown. Luckily, every elevator since
the late 1800’s has been fitted […]

The Lowdown on Elevator Overheating

When it comes to the mechanics of equipment such as
elevators, it is important that property owners provide regular and
high-quality maintenance. After all, most problems start subtly and appear to
be relatively minor, which means that they are often pushed to the bottom of
the do-to list. Unfortunately, this provides the perfect time frame for these
issues to […]

3 Common Problems Found During Elevator Inspections

Here at Elevators Ltd, we spend a
significant amount of time emphasising the importance of maintenance. After
all, it is there in order to ensure that an elevator is in a safe and operational
condition whilst the technician also actively searches for minor areas of
concern that could use repair work. Read on as we go through three […]