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The Popularity of Home Elevators

The majority of residential properties in the UK were built during the early 20th century which means that they are small, poorly designed and ineffective for the elderly and disabled, who often find themselves confined to the ground floor of their own home like a prisoner. Luckily, home elevators have managed to take over the [...]

How to Use a Home Elevator Safely

The popularity of the home elevator increases with each year as more and more residential property owners choose to invest in accessibility. After all, many British homes are built with steep staircases that can leave the elderly or wheelchair dependant stranded on the ground floor of their own home. Luckily, a home elevator can be [...]

3 Reasons to Invest in a Traction Lift

As the most common elevator on the market, traction systems are known for their durability, responsivity and smoothness. Here at Elevators Ltd, we stock both traction and hydraulic elevators, however, we want our clients to ensure that they understand the unique characteristics of both setups. After all, there are several differences that property owners should [...]

The Lifespan of an Elevator

Before an investment in a brand-new elevator system is finalised, it is important that the property owner understands what they are getting. After all, we emphasise value for money at every opportunity in order to ensure that our clients invest in a lift system that is able to meet the needs of their property and [...]

The Benefits of Cargo Lifts

Although they may look the same, there are several distinct differences between a traditional passenger elevator and a service elevator. Here at Elevators Ltd, our cargo lifts are designed in order to withstand demanding and regular usage and allow warehouses and other cargo-holding properties to safely and securely transport goods between the different floors of [...]

The Disappearance of Elevator Muzak

Over the past decade, many people have begun to wonder where the music that filled the silence of an elevator journey went and why we have resorted to awkwardly silent interactions with strangers in cabs. After all, elevator Muzak was an incredibly common addition in many publicly used lifts and it was impossible to use [...]

How to Use a Dumbwaiter Safely

Once a common feature in many large English households, the dumbwaiter has become an integral installation found within the service industry. After all, they offer busy workers a safe, convenient and beneficial method of transporting food and other products between the different floors of a building. With this said, many people tend to use them [...]

3 Reasons to Invest in Eco-Friendly Elevators

Since an elevator is a readily available piece of technology, many passengers are unaware of the amount of energy that is required to lift and lower a single cab. After all, the machinery is designed in order to lift around 2,500 lbs! Here at Elevators Ltd, we have a wide range of high-quality lifts, including [...]

The Characteristics of Hospital Elevators

There are dozens of elevators in operation in a hospital at any given time because their presence is a fundamental necessity in order to allow sick patients, staff and visitors to navigate the different floors with ease and simplicity. With this said, there are many distinctive differences between the design of a hospital elevator and [...]

3 Reasons to Invest in Elevator Advertising

A modern elevator is typically designed with aesthetics in mind in order to offer property owners a mechanical feature that doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. With this said, it is possible to use the doors of an elevator creatively as an advertising platform for local and national businesses. Although we don’t offer this [...]

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