The Different Components Found in Hydraulic Elevators

There are two main elevator systems that property owners can
invest in and they are known as traction and hydraulic. Interestingly, they are
both incredibly different and are comprised of contrasting components that work
in unique ways. Here at Elevators Ltd, we want our readers to understand the
differences that separate our two most popular elevator designs, which […]

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3 Emergency Elevator Situations

Here at Elevators Ltd, we are proud to offer our clients a
high-quality emergency call-out service for their lift. After all, passengers
rely on working elevators, especially those who have a disability, which is why
property owners should ensure that their lifts are in tip-top condition. Read
on as we go over three emergency situations that should always […]

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The Lowdown on MRL Elevators

An elevator that does not have a separate machine room is
often abbreviated to M.R.L which stands for Machine Room Less and it is a type
of operating system that can be applied to both traction and hydraulic lifts. Although
the machine room was once considered the most important part of a functioning
elevator, modern developments have allowed […]

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The Benefits of Epoxy Cabins

Although a standard elevator cabin is the most popular option
for both residential and public installations, some of our clients like to go
the extra mile when it comes to elevator aesthetics. After all, an epoxy cabin
uses a powder coating during the manufacturing process in order to offer a
highly decorative finish. Read on as the team […]

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Why Elevators Are Dangerous in a Fire

From skyscrapers to accessibility, the elevator is a modern
contraption that provides a variety of benefits within society. After all, many
people couldn’t travel between the floors of a building without them. With this
said, there are a handful of situations when we should abandon the idea of the
elevator and opt for the stairs instead, such as […]

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3 Elevator Features That Ensure Disability Safety

Here at Elevators Ltd, we recognise that the elevator plays a
vital role in society by allowing those afflicted with a disability to retain
their independence and travel between the different floors of a building
unattended. With this said, public buildings were not always so accommodating,
and it was only following the implementation of the Equality Act 2010 […]

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Interesting Facts About Glass Elevators

From traction to hydraulics, it is safe to say that the
mechanical system that a property owner chooses when it comes to an elevator
investment is incredibly important. With this said, the passenger does not see
these moving components which means that interior aesthetics are often
emphasised in order to make the best first impression, particularly in hotels
and […]

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Busting the Big Myths About Residential Elevators

Here at Elevators Ltd, we recognise that the internet offers
homeowners instant results to the questions that they may have about our
industry. Unfortunately, there is an abundance of incorrect and misleading
information available online that can cause potential clients to make an
expensive investment that isn’t suitable for their property or their budget. In
order to set the […]

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3 Elevator Beliefs That Are Complete Fiction

Here at Elevators Ltd, we want our readers to make the most
out of their investment in a brand-new passenger elevator, however, the
internet can present a variety of challenges due to the number of myths that
circulate from website to website. After all, this information is something
that is often endorsed by various business owners who fail […]

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The Lowdown on Machine Room-Less Elevators

Ever since the development and implementation of elevators,
space has been the number one requirement for any property considering an
installation. After all, they aren’t exactly the smallest piece of technology
to invest in! As a result, smaller businesses have had to sacrifice their
accessibility because their building simply isn’t big enough for an elevator.
In fact, the machine […]