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Elevator Failure

We don’t like to brag about lifts breaking down (not ours of course), but as shocking as it sounds, some lift companies fail to understand that the number one priority is the safety of the passengers. We read a story last week, which shocked us and it wasn’t just because the lift failed to work. [...]

Lifts Galore

Here at Elevators Ltd, we’ve pulled together a few of the World’s most extravagant lifts, some of which would be more challenging to keep maintained. So here they are our top 5 favourite, out of the world lifts. 1) Luxor Hotel Inclined Elevator   This Las Vegas lift looks a bit like a pyramid and [...]

Utica not monitoring its elevators

UTICA — From now on, you might want to take the stairs. A recent state audit was heavily critical of the city’s inspections process for elevators, indicating the situation is dangerous and a legal liability for the city. For instance, auditors visited 39 buildings in March that had a total of 61 elevators. Forty-six of [...]

Global Elevators and Escalators Market to Reach 647 Thousand Units by 2015, According to New Report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

San Jose, CA (Vocus) September 29, 2010 GIA announces the release of a comprehensive global report on Elevators and Escalators market. Despite the current erosion in volume sales, primarily due to the slump in construction activity amid the recessionary climate in the world economy, the global market for Elevators and Escalators is expected to recover [...]

Hitachi to launch elevator and escalator regional HQ in Singapore

Hitachi, Ltd. announced that Hitachi Elevator Engineering (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. (HEES), a company that manufactures, sells and provides services for elevators and escalators in Republic of Singapore (Singapore), will be renamed Hitachi Elevator Asia Pte. Ltd. (HEA) and begin operations as a regional HQ for the Hitachi Group's elevator and escalator business in Southeast Asia, [...]

Better Than Vacuum Elevators: The Balloon Elevator

Philip Proefrock at Inhabitat discovers vacuum elevators, a slow but energy-efficient way of building an elevator that will rise one atmosphere, or about 33 feet. He notes that they have no nasty hydraulic fluids like conventional elevators, (although many residential elevators are chain drive and don't have hydraulics either). Nonetheless, it reminded my of a [...]

The glass elevator for Dunyas Red Square by Lift Emotion

At the beginning of 2010 Lift Emotion received a request to deliver a glass elevator for Dunya’s 72 metre superyacht Red Square. In January 2010 the team of Lift Emotion met with the project manager of Dunya Yachts to discuss the technical specifications and limitations of the special square glass elevator. Alberto Pinto, the interior [...]

Barrett Supports, Walker Opposes Train Shed

MILWAUKEE - When trains roll into the Milwaukee Intermodal Station downtown, passengers walk into a dark, half-century old train shed. The platforms are showing their age and the ramps are too steep for wheelchairs. Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is fully supporting an upgrade. "To say this very, incredibly successful Hiawatha line should not have improvements, [...]

World’s 11 most expensive homes – including elevators

Wealth, it would appear, is the most talked about element of human existence. People are ever eager to cull information about billionaires, their lifestyle, residences, stories of opulence, etc. A curiosity to know about billionaires' residences stems from that very urge. Here are some interesting facts about 10 most expensive houses in the world. Read [...]

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