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Japanese Lifts the most advanced in technology

It’s not unknown that Japan is well advanced in technology so that they are able to create some of the world’s quirkiest gadgets, but they are also known for manufacturing and engineering some of the fastest and most impressive elevators to ever grace the planet. The most recent one being the elevator that the Japanese [...]

Speedy Gonzales

Whenever we talk about speed of things, we always seem to reference “Speedy Gonzales” and this one is no different. China isn’t shy of new technology and when it comes to elevators, you can only expect to step into a high tech lift that travels faster than light! Well, that’s what we’d expect anyway and [...]

Off to see the Queen? Maybe not today

We all know that Westminster is home to the Queen and the Royal family, and the Houses of Parliament but it appears to be famous for another reason; constant faulty lifts at the Westminster tube station. It is the third year running that the lifts have occurred a break down and here are a couple [...]

Pay up or walk 163 flights of stairs

We’ve heard stories of lifts in buildings not working and forcing residents to walk up numerous flights of stairs to reach their apartment, but imagine living in the tallest and most luxurious building on the planet, and having the air conditioning purposely switched off and the lifts ‘out of order’. It’s not worth thinking about, [...]

Avoid Unexpected Slip-Ups with Effective Lift Installation Services

If you are looking to celebrate this weekend before Advent is upon us and want to have a fun-filled evening with your colleagues, then it is ever so important that you act in an appropriate and professional manner. You cannot over-indulge as too much festive spirit can lead to potentially disastrous consequences as far as [...]

The Law of Gravity

We’re all familiar with Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation and we all know that gravity is what keeps us on the ground and not floating around. Thinking about it, it would be pretty horrendous if gravity didn’t exist, but with the 95mph winds that the UK is witnessing today, it will be pretty hard to [...]

Dont get stuck Let Elevators Ltd help

It is ironic that someone would get stuck in a lift in a hospital, on their way to an appointment. But as ironic as it sounds, this actually did happen to an elderly couple in Dundee. Although you can’t predict when a lift will stop working, lift maintenance in hospitals is crucial and should be [...]

96 hours later

There really should be a film about elevators. The amount of people that have been stuck and left stranded in a lift is worrying and we do often question where the lift company’s engineers are, or at least the fire rescue team. When we receive a phone call to say that passengers are trapped in [...]

The fabulous Louis lift

You can’t beat strutting around with Louis Vuitton by your side and none of this fake malarkey either! Carrying a LV bag is one thing, but imagine getting inside and travelling in the designer fashion label’s lift? It would certainly be a lift that our engineers would have to be extra careful with when carrying [...]

Trapped in a lift?

Being trapped in a lift isn’t uncommon. It happens to almost everyone, but the best thing to do in these situations is to remain calm. We understand that this might be easier said than done, but it is the best thing that anyone can do, plus you won’t feel like you’ve been there an entire [...]

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