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Are ‘Close Door’ Elevator Buttons Useful?

When you are running late, pressing that ‘close door’ button in the elevator can seem to make all the difference. After all, they are installed for a reason, right? Wrong! After all, new research suggests that the presence of these buttons is purely aesthetical and are installed for uniformity. Here at Elevators Ltd, we are [...]

5 Interesting Facts about Elevators

We don’t tend to think too much into elevators on a daily basis as they are just there serving a purpose that we often take for granted. With more than 900,000 elevators being used every day in America alone, elevators are far more important in our lives than we care to admit. Here are 5 [...]

We’re Here To Ease Your Elevator Anxieties

For most of us, the action of getting into an elevator and heading up a few storeys is a part of life that we pay little attention to. We simply put our heads down, get into the lift and allow it to shuttle us to wherever it is we’re going- then get busy daydreaming and, [...]

The History of Elevators Part One

Elevators are in pretty much every multi-storey building now. They are a handy alternative to the dreaded stairs and it’s hard to deny that they have made the general public quite lazy. Over the years, a lot of years to be exact, elevators have adapted and developed to be the fully functioning and modern machines [...]

Take A Look At The New Fastest Elevator In The World

Elevators really are remarkable contraptions: a feat of engineering. First and foremost, they allow us to travel up multiple flights of stairs without breaking a single bead of sweat, and also save your employees time which could otherwise be spent more productively. With the introduction of the Microsoft HoloLens to the world of lift maintenance, [...]

Your Responsibilities as a Dutyholder Under LOLER

The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) requires that all lifting equipment in use is subject to thorough and systematic checks to ensure their safe provision. Regulation 9 of the act states that every lift used in the workplace undergoes regular detailed maintenance by a competent person and if you are responsible for [...]

Why you shouldn’t skip regular lift maintenance

Businesses and buildings have lifts to ensure that everyone can gain access to their services and facilities. Many customers and clients rely on a good running lift so it is essential that those lifts are kept in working order. If they can’t access your services or facilities, they may not come back again. To ensure [...]

Keep Your Lifts Up To Date!

As the most well recommended lift company Surrey has to offer, we’re proud to offer up a tremendously varied range of professional and efficient lift services that make us the first choice for so many people. One of those services that we specialise in is lift modernisation, and it’s something that we’re often called out [...]

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