The Most Expensive Elevators in the World…

Although we are now so technologically advanced that we can literally have an elevator in our own house, that doesn’t mean that some of the elevators in the world are considered the most expensive mode of transport between the floors of a building. Whether it’s due to aesthetics or location, some of the world’s elevators [...]

Different Types of Elevators: Geared and Gearless Traction

When we look at an elevator, it is hard to imagine that there are so many different types available out there. The elevator itself was invented many years ago originally as a pully machine operated by slave labour. Over the years, technology advanced thanks to a man called Elisha Otis who secured the cars and [...]

Elevators of the Future? Or Coming Sooner Than We Envisioned?

Imagine if there was a rabbit warren almost of elevator cars, all travelling on a loop in a building, taking you sideways as well as up and down. The system would incorporate rotating parts, meaning that you could be where you needed to be a lot quicker than if you were to walk across floors [...]

Ensuring Endurance – Lift Maintenance London

With Elevators becoming more and more common a sight in the modern day, it only makes sense that we’re here to provide a host of expert lift services and ensure that no lift has to operate without the proper cover. As leading lift specialists and providers of lift maintenance London-wide and beyond, we here at [...]

Success through Safety – Lift Maintenance London

Looking for a lift service that guarantees success and safety in equal measure? As a top provider of lift maintenance London-wide and more, our team is always striving to ensure we get the job done without even the slightest risk of incurring extra hassle, stress and costs that are easily avoidable. As obvious as that [...]

Lots of Lifts – Lift Repair London

There are a wide variety of lifts out there in the modern day, especially with new technology constantly creating new possibilities. We thought that we’d take the time to go over a few of the most common, however, especially since we’re more than capable of carrying out efficient lift repair London-wide on just about all [...]

Ensuring Safe Success – Lift Company Oxford

The team here at Elevators Ltd considers a job well done to be a job carried out to the letter when it comes to health and safety, as costly accidents are often easily avoided by adhering to the proper procedures. That’s why we strive to stay fully fluent, aware and up to date with all [...]

Capital Quality – Lift Installation London

London is a huge, constantly developing city, so it makes sense that with all the new buildings springing up there’s bound to be a few lifts badly in need of a top quality installation. The city is the capital, after all, and for many it represents the very best of what the country has to [...]

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