A Few Facts About Elevators

Here at Elevators Ltd, we think about lifts on a daily basis however its only right to assume that the average person, like yourself, won’t pay much attention to them when you are out and about living your life. After all, they are convenient and always on hand when you need them. Why else would [...]

The Most Common Elevator Problems

Here at Elevators Ltd, we pride ourselves on the satisfaction and guarantee we are able to give our customers. After all, nothing feels better than being told that your brand new product is in full working order. Despite this, elevators may suffer from functionality problems which is why we want to shed some light on [...]

Stuck in a Lift: The Do’s and Don’ts

For some people, getting stuck in a lift is the definition of a real-life horror movie. After all, you’re stuck inside a small windowless box where there is a limited amount of air available- who wouldn’t begin to panic a little? In order to avoid an injury, it is vital that you know how to [...]

Warning Signs That You Need a New Elevator

An elevator is not an impenetrable piece of machinery that will run for years and years without any kind of repair taking place and it is important that you ensure your elevator is serviced on a regular basis so that any maintenance issues are flagged up and dealt with promptly. After all, the last thing [...]

More Elevator Related Myths

An elevator is a viciously misunderstood piece of machinery and unfortunately, years of false information being passed from person to person has led to the introduction of a range of myths within the industry. Like any other industry, it’s not a surprise to discover that there is incorrect information floating around and the team here [...]

Benefits of a Wheelchair Lift

In a world that is seemingly made to suit able-bodied people, life from the view of a wheel chair is bound to be tough. After all, not many establishments cater for a wheelchair to be used because doors are often not wide enough, or stairs are the only way to access different floors. Here at [...]

Different Elevator Designs – The Paternoster

When most of us think of elevators we think of the standard boxed elevator with the sliding doors, tower of buttons and out-of-sight cables that this box delicately hangs on. Across Europe and Scandinavia however, there exists a special type of elevator, which has only recently been fighting for its survival - The Paternoster.   [...]

Ladder Safety in the Elevator Industry

Contrary to belief, working within and around elevators can actually be quite a dangerous career choice. After all, a lot of the work includes using a ladder and the majority of people know how hazardous a potential fall from one may be. In fact, the threat of falling whilst mounting, dismounting and climbing a ladder [...]

Avoiding an Awkward Elevator Ride

We’ve all experienced an awkward elevator ride to the top floor of a building. Most of the time it is just you and another person, sometimes it is you and multiple people and other times it is you and several people entering and existing. No matter the situation, for some reason it is always awkward. [...]

Mind-Blowing Elevator Facts

Elevators are an amazing contraption that the everyday working individual takes for granted. They take us up between floors, to the top of buildings and make life subconsciously much easier for us. Here at Elevators Ltd, lifts are our speciality and in this blog, we’re going to tell you a couple of mind blowing facts [...]

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