The importance of being environmentally-friendly seems to be intensifying by the day, as the media constantly tells us how we are endangering our planet and even film stars like Leonardo Di Caprio are trying to stress the significance of being green. This instantly makes us think about recycling, turning off our electricity at night and maybe driving our cars to a minimum- however, what you might not know is that elevators have the potential to benefit the environment.

If you’re a business owner that’s thinking of installing an elevator and is a little put off by any detrimental impacts to the environment, then look no further. We’re here at Elevators Ltd to run you through how you can ensure that your elevator is being run in an environmentally friendly manner.

  • Eco-System

Here at Elevators Ltd, we provide a wide range of lifts- and amongst these are the environmentally-friendly elevators that feature the Eco-System. This marks a remarkable advancement in technology, as these lifts will put themselves into standby mode when they are not moving. This proves to be much more energy efficient, which will subsequently save you money and have a positive impact on the environment. These lifts also feature energy efficient lighting, VVVF control and a regenerative overlay- which all combine to ensure that you are being green.

  • Machine-Room-Less Lifts

You don’t just have to select something from our Eco-System lifts to have a positive impact on the environment, as our Machine-Room-Less (MRL) lifts also have the potential to be green. These lifts ultimately eradicate the need for a rooftop machine room, as the necessary machinery is now housed in the elevator shaft itself. MRL lifts are known to use a significantly lower amount of electricity than other forms of lift, which will obviously help you in your bid to be eco-friendly.

  • Regenerative Overlay

All of our eco-friendly lifts include a regenerative overlay feature that ensures that you are not only using less energy, but also giving some of it back. These regenerative drives ensure that your elevator is recovering energy and funnelling it back into the electrical system for the entire building. This extra power can be used to power up your heating or even your lighting, and will ultimately allow you to consume less energy throughout your building.

Here at Elevators Ltd, we provide a range of eco-friendly passenger lifts that are all designed to help you and your business stay green. Please don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated team for any further information on the products and services that we have available.