Every industry has a bunch of myths surrounding how its products and services operate. Elevators are no exception to this. There are many myths surrounding them, from overcrowding to which buttons to press, and we are here to bust those myths…

Myth: Elevators are supported by one rope which could leave passengers in a free fall if it snapped.

Fact: They are supported by many steel cables in which each can support the weight of a car. The only instance of an elevator fall due to cable failures was during the 1940’s. Reports say an airplane crashed into the Empire State Building and severed the cable on an elevator causing it to free fall.

Myth: An elevator which is overcrowded can fall.

Fact: A cab which is overcrowded will usually not move. As a response to too many people, the doors will refuse to close and a buzzer may ring until enough people get out in order to reduce the weight.

Myth: If an elevator becomes stuck between two floors, you should try and get out because you could fall.

Fact: Elevator cabs are designed as ‘safe rooms’ which means that if this was to occur, the safest place to be is inside- as trying to get out on your own can lead to an injury. Ring the alarm, use the emergency telephone system and only leave with professional assistance.

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