There are a lot of things to consider when searching for a reliable Lift Maintenance or Lift Installation company. Luckily, we here at Elevators LTD, are always on hand to assist.

Below is a sample of our product range available to download. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Passenger Lift Range

thumb_gle-aiThis brochure shows some examples of the passenger lift ranges that we offer. From the Galaxy Range to the Panoramic Series, we can be certain that you will not struggle to find a design that will suit your requirements perfectly.

View/Download PDF

thumb_passliftdimensionsThis brochure contains detailed measurements and technical specifications for the Hydraulic Passenger Lifts. Including detailed layouts and 3D plans.

View/Download PDF

Platform Lifts

thumb_midiliftThe Midilift Vertical platform lift: Helping to meet the requirements of the DDA. Vertical Platform lifts provide people with a simple alternative to climbing the stairs. They are easy to install, easy to use and economical to run. View/Download PDF
thumb_stairiser Platform lifts provide access for people who cannot climb steps or stairs by way of a platform that travels up and down a stairway. They carry one person simply and safely, with or without a wheelchair. View/Download PDF

Service Lifts & Goods Lifts

thumb_microliftService Lift 50 & 100g. Our lifts make light work of moving loads of virtually every shape, weight or size. They protect you and your staff from the stresses and strains of manual handling. View/Download PDF
thumb_tolleyliftGoods Lift 250& 300Kg. The versatile goods lift for simple, quick, reliable and economical movement of heavy goods. View/Download PDF
thumb_goodmasterGoods Lift 500-1500Kg. Installing a goods lift means you distribute goods quickly, efficiently and safely between floors. View/Download PDF

Car Parking Solutions

thumb_carliftDoppler parking systems are the ideal solution for commercial, public and residential use. Especially for buildings with limited space, where sufficient parking positions are required. View/Download PDF