Being the lift professionals that we are, we know only too well the importance of the safety of the public, but it doesn’t take a genius to do one to two things; put a ‘lift out of order’ sign up, or to install a lift shaft. It’s all part of the job, well at least it should be, but this wasn’t the case over in the Olympic park in Sochi. We can only imagine what would happen if lift maintenance was required.

It could have been a disaster for the GB team and the 2014 Winter Olympics really wouldn’t have gone off to the best of starts and with all the controversy surrounding the games in Russia, it sort of hasn’t. British Bobsledder Rebekah Wilson almost had a serious accident, more serious than she would have if it all went wrong in the Bobsled. Like any ordinary folk, she pressed the lift-down button and as she went to take a step in the lift, she was greeted with nothing but a black hole. We are actually stunned by the fact that there was no warning sign to alert passengers not to use the lift. Some lift maintenance is most definitely required here! But Rebekah managed to take a quick snap of the empty lift and tweeted it to her fellow bobsledding team mate Paula Walker with a quick message of how she was almost a break-woman down.

We’re glad there is a good ending to this story. Here at Elevators Ltd, we pride ourselves in providing not only a high quality lift service whether it’s for lift maintenance and repair, or installation, but also ensuring that the safety of the passengers and the public is put first. So you don’t have to worry that there may not be a lift shaft in the lift, because there will be one, unless our lift engineers have put a warning sign up.

Bobsledding down a bottomless lift