As the most misunderstood type of elevator on the market, many people tend to prejudge the benefits of a home elevator. After all, they are not just an aesthetic feature sought after by the wealthy, they are also a source of independence for the disabled. In order to ensure that our readers are able to make an informed and unbiased decision, the team here at Elevators Ltd have decided to bust some of the biggest myths on the internet concerning home elevators…

Myth: Home elevators are very expensive.

Whilst it is true that purchasing an elevator is not something you should jump into blind, it is important to recognise that they are an investment for the future. After all, the average home elevator that is well taken care off can last for decades at a time. In fact, it is easier than people think to find an affordable home elevator or stair lift that won’t break the bank if you aren’t bothered about having the latest model.

Myth: A home elevator is only held up by one cable.

A home elevator is quite simply a reduced version of a commercial elevator which means that they are held up by almost a dozen cables and this makes them incredibly safe. After all, safety is our main priority, even when the elevator is only going to be travelling one or two floors at a time.

Myth: You can run out of oxygen if you get trapped inside a home elevator.

Despite the information on the internet and the overdramatization of Hollywood, an elevator is not an airtight contraption which means that you cannot run out of oxygen should you find yourself trapped inside a cab. In fact, the majority of elevators come with an emergency responder button for such situations.

It is impossible to make an educated decision on whether or not to complete a purchase until you have all the facts at your disposal. After all, the home elevator may be rising in popularity but very few people understand that they can be installed by anyone and everyone! To find out more about the home elevator, get in contact with the best lift company around and speak to a member of the Elevators Ltd team today!