Here at Elevators Ltd, we provide a wide range of products and services that are all designed to provide our customers with the lift solution they’ve been searching for. Whether it’s a standard passenger lift, a platform lift or a car parking solution, we are able to provide for a range of different applications. It doesn’t matter if you want a brand new lift or just want us to come and carry out a spot of maintenance- Elevators Ltd are here to take care of all of your lift-related needs.

Service lifts are a huge part of what we have to offer, and they are absolutely essential for any businesses looking for a more convenient way of moving items from one floor to another. Our Elevators Ltd service will give you access to expert advice, bespoke specifications and a range of other benefits. This means that we should be your number one choice when it comes to installing a new lift!

But what’s so great about service lifts? Well, we’re here to tell you all about how your business can reap the benefits…


Service lifts are mainly used in the likes of hotels and restaurants- basically, any business that requires heavy items to be moved throughout a multi-storey building. This means that you no longer have to worry about throwing your back out lugging items around yourself, and you can now shuttle things directly to the relevant floor.


A huge advantage to the use of service lifts is the fact that they take up minimal amounts of space. Due to their slim design, they can be fitted in a variety of different locations, and you can be sure that our Elevators Ltd engineers can easily overcome restrictive building regulations. This means that you don’t have to worry about how much room your service lift is going to take up, as it’s not going to hamper your productivity- in fact, it’s going to do just the opposite!


Due to the minimal space required and the improved level of convenience, it’s undeniable that the installation of a service lift will also enhance the efficiency of your business operations. For a start, it will make the process of moving items around far easier and quicker, which will certainly allow you to create more efficient processes. Because items don’t need to be carried as far, this means that you are also reducing the chances of something being dropped or broken.

Here at Elevators Ltd, we provide a range of elevators, including service, passenger and platform lifts. If you need any further information on how you can benefit from our products, then please contact our dedicated team!