So, your offices need a new lift installed? Good. You’re already in the right place.

For any office building in the world, lifts are an essential part of the design process. When you’re housing countless offices on multiple floors, it’s obviously always important to make every part of the building easily accessible. After all, forcing staff to trudge up ten flights of stairs is never good for morale, not to mention a serious health and safety risk.

But what if you’re worried about upsetting the aesthetics of the building? Well, that’s exactly where our range of scenic lifts come into play.

Scenic Lifts Look Fantastic

Coming without much of the clunky, industrial appearance synonymous with conventional lifts, it’s fair to say that scenic lifts provide a certain aesthetical advantage. Glass lifts are a particularly popular option for large offices, fitting in seamlessly with the overall look of the building and adding a splash of contemporary design.

They’re A Great Investment

The beauty of scenic (or glass) lifts, lies in the fact that they allow natural light to spill into the cabin. Of course, this means you can save a fortune on lighting the lift yourself; which isn’t just great from a financial point of view, but also helps to benefit the environment.

Scenic lifts might appear more fragile from the outside- after all, they do involve a lot of glass- but they’re actually just as durable and long-lasting as a regular lift. So, when you take into account the energy savings and sheer durability, it’s fair to say scenic lifts are a very smart investment indeed.

Lift Employees’ Moods!

Bad puns aside, scenic lifts are actually capable of lifting the mood of your staff members. Many people find traditional lifts a little claustrophobic and dull, and don’t enjoy the fact they feel shut off from the outside world once they’re inside them. In contrast, a scenic lift feels much more spacious due to all of the natural light, which is key to giving employees a bright start to the day! After all, we all know that happier employees are generally more productive.

Elevators Ltd install a range of fantastic scenic lifts all over the UK, alongside a host of lift maintenance services which help to keep your office building running smoothly! Contact us today if you’d like to find out more.