With over 70-million brand-new cars hitting the road every single year, it can be difficult to find somewhere safe to park your vehicle. After all, even the space outside your own property can be stolen by a neighbour. Luckily, the elevator industry has a new and revolutionary solution to all your parking problems! Read on as the Elevators Ltd team go over a few benefits that can be gained from a car parking storage lift…


With crime on the increase, the need to park your car in a secure location is becoming more and more important. After all, thieves are more likely to target cars that are easy to access and parked in low-lit areas. Unfortunately, not everybody has access to a garage! Luckily, our car parking solution are one of the most cost-effective security solutions that can be used in order to store your vehicle out of harms way. In fact, they use the highest quality materials on the market which means that you can be rest assured your car is completely secure!


Since the vast majority of property owners do not have room for a garage, a car platform lift is the perfect solution. After all, they are built to effectively use the space that is available in order to provide a secure way to park a vehicle out of harm’s way. In fact, for property owners that do have extra storage space, our car stacking lifts can even be installed inside a garage in order to maximise the space and store two vehicles rather than just the one!


Here at Elevators Ltd, we recognise the importance of aesthetics. After all, it is important to take pride in the exterior of your property and many people worry that a car parking lift will spoil the aesthetic value of their home. Luckily, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, our modern designs can actually hide your parking lift from view by disguising it underground!

Fitted to suit your requirements, the team here at Elevators Ltd are proud to say that our bespoke car platform lifts are able to fit whatever size, space and style necessary. After all, we believe that customer satisfaction is a high priority when it comes to an elevator investment! To find out more information about our parking solutions, get in contact with the best lift company around and speak to a member of the Elevators Ltd team today!