An elevator that comes without a room above it is a type of traction lift that places the hoisting machine inside the wall at the top or bottom of the structure. It is installed using permanent magnets and opts for steel cord ropes for security. However, as there are two types of traction elevators it is important to go over the differences and benefits that both can provide. Read on to find out more information about the machine room-less variety…

  • An elevator that needs a machine room will require electrical and hydraulic parts to be fed through the hoist way from the elevator cab to the machine room. Not only is this incredibly costly, it puts into questions how maintenance will be carried out in the future if an issue was to arise. Luckily, a machine room less elevator does not require this extra fitting or hassle.


  • Usually people opt for a machine room less elevator when they need to save the little space they have on offer however this type of lift can be beneficial even if you have the extra room available. After all, a machine room can require 10-20 feet of extra room and the extra space could be put to a better use when you opt for a machine room less elevator.


  • Having an elevator installed is not an easy task nor is it a cheap one which is why many people tend to look at it an investment that will pay off in the future. Of course, installing a machine room elevator is more expensive due to the need for extra fitting, maintenance and parts where as a machine room less elevator doesn’t need any of this so tends to be much cheaper.

Here at Elevators Ltd we want to ensure that our readers and clients are making well informed and educated decisions based on factual information which is why we are trying our best to separate the facts from the fiction. By recognising the benefits that a machine room-less elevator can provide, you are able to choose the best lift for you. To find out more information, get in contact with the best lift company around today!