Contrary to belief, there are actually quite a wide range of different elevator designs to choose from. With a simple principle in mind, hydraulic elevators use a hydraulic ram in order to lift the weight of a cab and it’s passengers safely. By definition, a hydraulic ram is a fluid-driven piston that travels within a cylinder and this cylinder is connected to a system that pumps oil. This pump forces fluid from a reservoir tank into the cylinder so when the valve is closed, the piston will go upwards and the cab will rise. Hydraulic elevators, whilst complicated, are one of the most effective designs of the 21st century and in this blog, we are going to tell you a few benefits they can offer…


The style of hydraulic elevators means that they are not limited in terms of the design that they can adopt, making them the great addition to a new build that must be built to a pre-imagined look. In addition to this, the machine room of a hydraulic elevator can be tucked away in the basement far from the cab itself which helps lower the level of noise that the elevator makes.


With hydraulic elevators, there is no moving counterweight to take into consideration like there is with traction elevators. Whilst this means that the energy is not recovered as the cab travels down, it makes the design incredible safe, especially during maintenance.


Since physics and hydraulics are implemented in this type of elevator design it means that there is no need for steel ropes, thus reducing maintenance. After all, the wear and tear of such characteristics found in traction elevators will require regular servicing that can take up a lot of time. Whilst hydraulic elevators still depend on maintenance and servicing, it is often much less time consuming.

Here at Elevators Ltd, we like to think that our services are as varied as possible which is why we have a wide range of both traction elevators and hydraulic elevators. In fact, we also have an incredible emergency call out and maintenance service in place too! After all, nothing is better than having a reliable lift maintenance service on hand in case any faults arise unexpectedly. To find out more information get in contact with a member of the team today!