You may be wondering how a home in the UK could possibly benefit from a private lift installed inside their home. After all, aren’t these luxury items reserved only for the rich and fortunate? Here at Elevators Ltd, we’re here to tell you the answer is most definitely no! In fact, more and more people have begun looking into the advantages that come with having a lift installed in the home over the past few years. To save you some precious time however, the team here have put together a list for you…

  • As all homes are equipped with stairs, installing a home elevator may pave way for a profitable investment as they can potential increase the resale value of a home. You may discover that many buyers these days are attracted to properties with accessibility, especially when it comes to housing people with mobility issues.
  • If we were to scrutinise and speak comparatively, then it is hard to ignore that elevators tend to take up considerably less space than a flight of stairs. This is because an elevator shaft only requires a small amount of room. In fact, sometimes it is even possible to have the home elevator installed outside as part of an external add on with the opening appearing indoors on each level.

If you’re looking for the best lift company around, get in contact with Elevators Ltd. Working on the basis that every customer is as important as the other, we like to think that the benefits you can find from our elevators are just as good as our customer service!